Gm 602 crate tricks

Have you changed your old style balancer out for the new style balancer? Regardless of the scenario, you MUST check and make sure that the zero 0 mark on the balancer is correct.

Since the introduction of this new balancer last year, we have only seen a handful of them that are correctly marked.

The vast majority of the balancers we have seen are anywhere from degrees retarded, and we have even heard of a few that were as much as 8 degrees retarded. As we all know, severely retarded ignition timing will result in significant power loss, increased water and oil temps, and high exhaust gas temps. I'll explain the simplest method. This would be to use a piston stop in the 1 spark plug hole.

Using this method, you would simply remove all of the spark plugs from the engine. You would then insert your piston stop into the 1 spark plug hole. Then rotate the engine over by hand, clockwise you will need to adjust the piston stop depth as you do this until the 1 piston touches the piston stop.

At that point you will mark your balancer in correspondence with the zero mark on your timing tab engines or the zero notch in your timing cover engines. Once you've done this, turn the engine counterclockwise until the 1 piston touches the piston stop. Mark your balancer again. Then take a pair of dial calipers, measure between your two marks on the balancer, divide that number by 2, and you've found true zero on your balancer.

Correctly mark your balancer at zero, and then correctly mark your balancer at 34 degree's our recommended maximum ignition timing. If you would prefer to buy your next engine with the timing already set, this is a service we offer at Crate Insider with our new engine packages.

gm 602 crate tricks

To see all of the engines we offer, Click Here. Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. This tech tip was provided to us by Steve Hendren at Hendren Racing Engines: "Did your new or engine come with the balancer shown in the photograph?

Forgot password? New Customer Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Check out faster Save multiple shipping addresses Access your order history Track new orders Save items to your wish list Create Account.Simply put, cheating is breaking the rules.

Everybody, and I mean everybody, breaks the rules. Not hardly; speed limits on the street are rules, and if you speed, hey, guess what? YOU are a cheater! Check your tax forms from last year!

Cheating is good, and we are going to tell you why. We will also talk about why racers cheat and how. The top ten common cheats from around the country in several car classes will be explained.

Just the thought of a racer cheating makes the races more interesting. A good controversy adds to the show. Remember the public relations motto: any news is good news. Cheating also makes perceived good guys and heroes.

People will come back and watch race after race to see their hero win. By the way, a hero is someone that is perceived not to be a cheater, the good guy who beats the cheaters. The drama between a good guy and a villain keeps fans coming back.

Ergo, cheating is good for the sport. Take that, tech inspectors! Human nature. We try to get away with whatever we can get away with without being caught. We feel like we have to cheat to because we know that our competition is cheating. If your competition is cheating, you will only race for so long before you feel that you must cheat too in order to compete. Ten common cheats in circle track racing. Cheating is not hard. Everyone cheats, but cheating without getting caught is an art form.

It takes skill, intelligence and discipline. Picking the right areas or the right rules is the key to not getting caught.Probably the most forgotten fact about the crate engine, whether GM, Ford, or Dodge, is that it has a compression ratio of 9. Another fact that most people do not realize is that compression ratios in this range require fuel octane ratings around Using lower octane fuels often leads to detonation which can result in engine failure or leads to a decrease in timing which results in decreased potential power.

Pump gas is not held to the quality and consistency standards required to ever be used in a racing application, and the idea of mixing fuel pump gas and race gas is a horrible idea. A good follow-up discussion is on our tech page.

The next mistake commonly made with crate engines and with most other race engines as well is spark plug heat range selection. The very plug recommended by GM on the valve cover of their crate engine is wrong.

CTS 602 Crate "Brand New" Cheater Head with "Under Cover Porting"

First, it is a resistor plug, which is not good for racing applications; and second, it is about six steps too hot. Because of my years with Champion Spark Plug Company, I work best with their heat range numbers; but all major brand spark plugs will do fine — just find the equivalent to the heat range I recommend.

The Y in the Champion nomenclature designates extended tip. In the flat top piston configuration as the crate engine, this is a good idea. When gapping the spark plugs, never ever use a plug gap larger than. A gap of. Spark advance generally should be set around 36 degrees BTDC.

Note: when an engine starts to loose ring seal, you can bump the timing up a couple of degrees and regain some of the lost power. Home News Getting the most out of your crate engine.

Getting the most out of your crate engine. Related Posts 27 Dec. All Rights Reserved.So here are a few tips and tricks to help massage a few extra ponies out of that beast, without getting disqualified for the season. Perhaps the easiest and simplest is swapping out the spark plugs.

Next up is running the right carburetor. Making the right choice when it comes to carbs could mean the difference between having a winning car, and not.

Using the formula found here we can do some calculations to figure out a rough estimate. So for the sake of argument, you could use RPM as a max. Willys Carbs has an option specifically designed for the Believe it or not, your oil is also a major factor in pulling as much power out of your motor as possible. One more thing to keep in mind; word amongst the racers is that the OEM timing mark may vary from motor to motor. Once you have marked it, it also might not hurt to add a timing tape like the one shown for finer control.

KRC Serpentine Drive kits can help reduce pulley drag substantially, freeing up valuable horsepower. Low drag Teflon bearings in the rearend will make your car roll easier, and limiting or eliminating brake drag will also help. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Videos All Videos. More Info. MSD Timing Tapes. Related Articles. There are a lot of options out there when you're ready for a replacement performance crate engine.

But if you compare the competition to BluePrint Engines, you'll find the value is hard to beat. Learn how to upgrade your stock Chevy or Ford for peak performance with bent exhaust systems and more. Don't settle for stock in your crate engine.

Once you're ready to start selecting valve train components, we have some useful tips and tools that should boost your performance. We discuss proper valve-springs, pushrod length, and rocker arm ratios. Heath P. From driving tractors on their family farm to becoming a Ford family, you are in for a good read. Learn about the specs of the V8 Ford Flathead Engine. Check out these Flathead firing order diagrams and torque specifications chart created by the experts.

gm 602 crate tricks

Learn the firing order of a small block chevy. Our guide covers popular SBC V8 Torque specifications so you can be sure you're getting peak performance. One of the most important parts of your racing operation is the engine. This article gives a detailed overview on how to maintain your engine to get the most out of it for as long as possible. Also learn some tips to prolong the life of your engine.

In this project, you will see how Jeff repaints a garage sale BluePrint crate engine and learn the importance of preparing the engine for a successful restoration. In this Tech Tip, John gets to answer a favorite question of ours, what engine should I get? In this video, Joe and Kyle explain the benefits of this new product.The magic comes from our prime, prep and Dyno-break-in under load.

Crate racing was intended to level the playing field. However, after several Track Championships and winning 7 out of 14 Races at Devils Bowl inwe can tell you that Not all circle track Crate Engines for Pro Stock, Thundertrucks, Sportsman Modifieds and other types of crate racing are created equal.

If you want to run up front - there are a few secrets that you need to know. The correct distributor phasing, timing marks, race-prepped carburetor, carb spacer and better Valve Springs can significantly improve performance.

At KillerCrate, we make it easy to buy a quality Race-Prepped Crate engine, deliver it to your doorstep and provide outstanding service. We'll even provide some setup tips. That's because we want you to join the long list of KillerCrate Race Teams who reach victory lane.

Did your old motor blow this weekend? During race season, call us on Monday morning and we can usually have you back on the track by your next race! We run what we sell. We are always testing to make our product better and then sharing what we learn with our customers! We're racers who have won track championships at many levels of dirt and asphalt racing.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and have helped many crate racers reach the winners circle for the first time. Shop KillerCrate. Store About Contact us. Get directions. Business hours. Race-Proven Crate Engines and Accessories!

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602 Crate Engine Specifications

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Flood of Budget sportsman crate motors caught cheating in last 3 weeks. It started in Fulton, then Mohawk, now 4 other tracks have all found crate motors with lightweight crankshafts. These were all found by pulling the oil pans off at the track after the race. Several of the motors found illegal had been recently checked via the engine dyno and found legal.

It should be noted that the big improvement with this modification would be acceleration off the corners and that a huge hp and torque gain would not be seen on the engine dyno.

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Several Engine Builders have been fingered in this deal, one of which is an "approved" engine builder forNew York and canadian series.

While there is no proof there for I have not named names that these engine builders in New York and Quebec did this, several teams that have been caught and penalized harshly have had no issues saying flat out where the work was done.

This really puts a spotlight on tracks and series that use the engine dyno to tech their crate motor programs instead of old fashion teardowns. I was at Mohawk when they did their tear down, they had an approved Engine Builder there to do the work, with the proper equipment and material to reseal the motors per the sanctioning bodies rules. Kudo's to all the tracks that are stepping up their tech program, Airborne has been a front runner in this area, catching several teams playing with the mod's Brodix spec head program, now others are doing the same thing and branching out to other divisions like the sportsman.

I have no life!! Gender: Posts: Re: Flood of Budget sportsman crate motors caught cheating in last 3 weeks.

The Guide to Cheating in Dirt Track Racing

Brian, I did not say a word about ACT, you did. I was just posting what happened the last three weeks in the sportsman class.

gm 602 crate tricks

If you want to wonder about ACT that is your right but don't implicate me in any of the specualtion on your part.

Quote from: crowbar on August 17,AM. Full Member Posts: Could easily happen. ACT uses the engine. They are almost the same engine out of the crate. Like I said on a post from another site, today its all about the money. If you want your engine a little faster you just need to show the money. You can't tell me that this does not happen, nor can you tell me that people are not smart enough to remove engine seals and but them back on.

Not to mention that I am sure that there are some extra seals floating around out there. Trust me I've been there and seen it first hand. Hero Member Posts: You can completely rebuild the bottom end of an engine and do some pretty extensive modifying without ever pulling a single head bolt.Torque also increased 18 ft.

With our Crate Master camshaft the motor made horsepower 6, rpm. Torque increased another 9 ft. Valve springs, retainers, locks and intake valves. Ready to bolt on. The stock valve springs are too cheap and too weak for circle track applications.

Why the intake valve and not the exhaust?

gm 602 crate tricks

Heads are new not used cores-Your Head cores not required. Sending your heads to us has never been easier! If you do not have a place to ship them, we will send UPS to pick them up. Printable version. View detailed images 6. Market price:. Click here to be notified of price drops of this item. Notification will be sent to your e-mail address every time the item price is decreased. Add to cart Add to wish list. Cam sold separately. Ask a question about this product. Send to friend. Related products.

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How Often to Change Valve Springs on a Crate Engine

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