Olympus xa or xa2

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I had both of them, XA definitely is much much better. Only thing that is better in XA2 is actually the same thing that is worse - zone focusing can be used as quick street point and shoot without much thinking about the focusing. Jul 11, 4. Messages: 2, Definitely the XA Jul 11, 5. Messages: 6, Jul 11, 6. Thanks everyone!

Jul 11, 7. Messages: 1, Lots and lots of blurred photos. Basically you have to shoot this camera in bright sunlight only. Otherwise make sure you only use speed film. I need a camera that fires when I push the trigger. This limits me to color negative film for the XA. The flash system for this is useless in my opinion. I use flash at parties, dinners etc.

olympus xa or xa2

The camera still tries to meter in that case. Meaning it tries to expose for seconds the fires the flash. You can imagine the results. The XA is better because you can force apertures. Jul 12, 8.How much would you pay for a full frame, all black, with a nice OVF, silent and pocketable camera??? Add that the RX1 is not pocketable. This little camera was designed by the absolute genius of Maitani, the man who also designed the OM and Pen series the original half format camera, not the digital one!

In the this man invented the Olympus XA, a small — probably the smallest ever! The body was the same of the XA — all black, metal and plastic, really solid- but the RF was gone: the camera had a zone focusing system. The lens is a 35mm, but with a different design, with a maximum aperture of 3. The camera is minimalism at its best. In fact you find just a viewfinder on the back, a red shutter button, the iso selector and the zone focus mechanism.

Oscar Barnack was the man who invented the 35mm film. He designed the first Leica cameras. He revolutioned the world of photography, forever. He did a revolution! This concept applied undoubtely well to the screw mount Leicas for about 20 years; there was no alternative if you wanted to have always a camera with you. Near the lens, the camera has a little lever and it can switch to 3 position according to the distance of your subject : portrait, medium distance, landscape.

To understand this, you have to know that a lens has his own depth of field; depth of field is bigger when the focal is shorter, for example a 24mm lens has a lot of depth of field, while a 85mm has a little dof, and dof also increases when closing down the aperture. Olympus was very smart to choose a 35mm lens with a 3. When you slide the cover is medium, that covers from about meters to near infinity, so this is the setting you will need in almost every situation!

You just have to set to landscape or portrait only if you are shooting a really close subject or a really far one. Trust me, this is so liberating! It set you absolutely FREE, you just have to focus on composition and on your subject and when everything is ok just click the shutter!It was one of the smallest rangefinder cameras ever made, together with the Contax T.

olympus xa or xa2

He was the chief camera designer and managing director of Olympus Optical Co Ltd. The original model, the XA, was sold from to The lens was protected by a sliding dust cover.

olympus xa or xa2

Film wind is by thumb-wheel, aperture is set on the body using a small lever, focus is set by a small lever below the lens, film speed ISO is set on a dial below the lens, the viewfinder is optical direct-view with the rangefinder frame embedded in it and a display of the shutter speed at the side.

Later cameras, models XA2 to XA4, featured scale focusing instead of rangefinders. The XA1 used a fixed-focus lens. Although the cameras resembled each other, there were subtle differences in design. The original XA's dust cover dome resembled a flattened oval, whereas the other models had a more rounded design.

The XA series was accompanied by a range of detachable flash units. The standard A11 took one AA battery and had a guide number of The A16 took two batteries and had a guide number of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Olympus XA a Wonderful Little Rangefinder

At one point almost every family had a low-end 35mm point-and-shoot, if not a couple, and many families had an SLR or something similar. Given that cameras were so common for so long it only makes sense that there would be a few forgotten somewhere, especially after budget photography made such a hard swerve into digital.

Like almost everyone else in the film community, I approach purchasing cameras with deliberation. They can be expensive, after all. But an adopted camera? Ideally, it comes with no expectations. By its very nature an adopted camera defuses the complications of gear acquisition syndrome and, hopefully, nets you something pretty fun. A cyclist descending into Boulder. The Flatirons and the Front Range are visible ahead of him. The search began on social media.

Two hours later I had an Olympus XA2 winging its way to my house for the cost of shipping and a few adult beverages. The Olympus XA2, while lacking the true rangefinder capabilities of the original XA, typically comes in a close second in discussions of the XA series. So far I seemed to have come out ahead in my quest for an adopted camera. When it arrived, my first thought was that it was ridiculously toylike.

It is, quite literally, pocket-sized. Upon visual inspection the only worry was some gummier than usual light seals. I purchased a replacement battery at my local Walgreens, loaded a roll of Fuji Superia and was off to the races.

I snapped through my first roll, quickly picking up the trick of opening the cover with one hand, bringing it up to my eye, and taking the shot in one smooth motion. My daughter playing in our garden, a family trip to the mountains, a barbecue, the XA2 made an appearance at all of these. A point-and-shoot lets me show up with a camera without being the guy who shows up with a camera. No one likes the guy with a camera. It even earned praise from my wife, not a photographer, who liked the compact size and ease of use.

Is it as sharp as my SLR or my digital gear? The pictures have character, some funk to them, and I was surprised and pleased when my test roll came back and there were some legitimate keepers.

Are there any consequential shots on the roll, something that I would ever describe as art or creative endeavor? Out of this camera will stream pictures of our daughter at the zoo, friends sharing drinks, roadside attractions, camping weekends, and family trips for the holidays.

Perhaps we all need a camera that we know we can just go and shoot. Perhaps we all need an adopted camera. The two-track dirt road leading to the family cabin. Our family cabin door with antlers hung above it.

For more articles on 35mmc about the subject matter discussed here, please click one of the following tag links:. Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi:. Become a Patron!This is a story about love! Untainted love, a love so strong and pure…. Just concentrate and get down to the basics about why I came to love this tiny lump of glass and plastic. And he succeeded wildly. The first masterwork was the diminutive XA.

Tiny but nonetheless a full featured rangefinder with aperture priority automatic exposure and a fabulous lens. The lens alone has been a marvel and a real headache for the optical engineers. How to fit a 35mm lens in a 32mm deep housing?

Easy peasy, just build it like a telephoto lens A mm lens is NOT 50cm long, hopefully. This worked, all the time retaining a superb lens quality, sharpness and contrast. Then came a line of derivatives of the original XA. The XA1 was forgettable… utterly! A fixed focus with a selenium meter like the Olympus Trip 35, full automatic exposure….

Any unsharpness is the fault of the scanner! But there were the other models, the Olympus XA2, an XA without rangefinder but nice zone focus system and a full automatic exposure that gives premium results.

OK, they existed, but my camera of choice is the Olympus XA2. Wonderful sharp lens, smooth operation, near completely silent operation and so small I can stick it in the front pocket of my tight jeans. Now it will stay for good! Focus is a bit of trouble, sure, but you just have to try and set the slider to the right position. Sometimes it works out!

Well, often it works out as my developed films show. Exposure is normally spot on even in difficult conditions. Then again, did I mention that the lens it very sharp? A spy camera. You can bring it to your eye in a split second and fire off a shot before anyone takes note. Some cameras just click into place with you, they just work. Now as an additional bonus it can live in my coat or pants pocket.

“Street review”: The Olympus XA2

The A16 flash is bigger but more powerful, and more expensive too. More from the mighty Olympus XA2 on www. For more articles on 35mmc about the subject matter discussed here, please click one of the following tag links:.

Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi:. Become a Patron! Learn about where your money goes here. Would like to write for 35mmc? Find out how here. Bought an XA2 when they first came out, and enjoyed using it. The one downside is it would vignette heavily, especially at wider apertures. On transparencies it was most noticeable, so I sold it on.You might find it useful to talk to a friend or work colleague, or talk to your line manager or employer if you are experiencing stress in the work place.

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Olympus XA2 Review – or why I learned to love a camera – by Frank Lehnen

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Olympus XA

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