Operation scorpion script roblox

The jist of this would be every player would be in front of a camera, and would be able to do a taunt or some other animation while in front of the camera. Halo 5, Operation Scorpion, and Unreal Tournament 4 all have this feature. Wanting to implement it in my own game.

operation scorpion script roblox

You can clone the player, which can be done by setting the Archivable Property of the Character Model to true, and cloning it. You would want to make an array that contains the positions of those parts then teleport all the humanoid root parts to those positions.

An algorithm that is able to generate that pattern is pretty complex. Best thing is to make the pattern with the max numbers of players then turn that into an array in the order you want them to be teleported in. The second parameter of CFrame allows you to set direction.

If the cord is 0,0,0 and want them to face West, add one to the X 0,1,0. This is how I envision your current model: ringsleadermodel. The player in the red slot is an outlier and the party leader. They can be ignored and handled separately. Now notice the way you chose to lay it out.

The outside parts increasingly separate the blue linesbut the centre column stays the same. You can envision the players behind the leader in this sort of an expression:. What you can probably do is organise the outside players to be an offset from the player in the middle, then increment that offset for use on the next row of players.

You might experience issues with my method, such as incomplete or uneven rows depending on the number of players. If you want to avoid the really complex math: Perhaps take the parts just like you have, and group in a Model In a script, Clone the model, Set a primary part, and set the parts CFrame. Then you can move the groups of positions however you like. Put the positional data of each part into a table, and do things, like teleport players! Yes definitely. If you give each part a unique name, you can basically index each position and fine tune it.

It should use the orientation of the template as is. I am not very versed with the CFrame stuff, but you should be able to tweak that line and get desired results. Need help coding a portion of my intro sequence Help and Feedback Scripting Support. Hello, everyone!Its one of the millions of unique user generated 3d experiences created on roblox.

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How to get the Vector? Other self. How can you see how much money you have? Shotguns Idea Discussion self. The movement and death animations and some sounds Idea Discussion self.

Skins are finally here! I think lasers would help the games realism Idea Discussion self. Idea Discussion self. Add Hitmarkers Idea Discussion self. Please help!

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All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.Featured Developers, please introduce yourself so we can learn a bit about each other. This thread has been created with the intention of sharing your experience of being featured, how it helped you and what you may have learned from the program.

Interested in submitting your game to the Featured Games Program? What game did you work on and please link the game as well? What was your role in the project? What is your Twitter? My role in both projects was scripting, building and designing. What have you learned during the time you have been featured? I did all the scripting, building and UI design of first Obby King Remastered update last January until last April, I started hiring the programmer, builders and testers to part of my team to working on Obby King Remastered together it growing faster since April.

So I started working on the other new game last week, I look forward to an introduction to the new game to my community and Roblox soon. For the most part I develop games alone, while sometimes also contracting builders to help me. Clueless is entirely my own game, thought up and scripted by myself, including some of the building, although some of the maps and lobby Aedificate were made by contracted builders. Clueless is a quiz game with the twist of minigames.

I spy was my first ever co-development project, which I worked on with xuefeiwho ended up doing the majority of the scripting although we switched roles multiple times.

operation scorpion script roblox

The game idea, some of the maps, the scripting of a few of the systems in the game and game passes were done by me. Xuefei also did a lot of the work on this project, however. I spy was featured in November on PC. Clueless has been featured twice, once on Tablet July and once on PC September - still running at the time of writing.

I am Turpichu but you can call me Turp! I scripted everything in the game ranging from the UI to the magical moves. The game was featured on August in You can follow me on Twitter at Turpichu if you want to see some development tweets on my projects. On that note, look out for some crazy hyper speed parkour racing games in your future!

I worked on it solo. Working on this game was a lot of fun, and seeing what the featured sort did to the game was also interesting to watch. While being featured, concurrents almost never went under 1, and revenue was great. We never had to advertise or sponsor while being in the featured sort.

I learned that focusing on retention is important because once we were no longer featured, our concurrent dropped to onlyeven below. I joined Roblox in when I was 10 years old and made my first game to get success, Escape Jail Obby, shortly after. However my more modern games as of the time of writing this post are Captivator and Ball Blast.It is an interesting tech demo prototype, but is absolutely an abuse of ViewportFrames.

Note that it slows exponentially- the more objects, the slower it gets. Before we begin: What is a Dual Render scope system? The Roblox engine had no way to do this… until ViewportFrames!

I created a ViewportFrame security camera system and open sourced it, and SammySpicer suggested I try a dual render scope system!

RAINBOW 6 SIEGE in ROBLOX! (Operation Scorpion)

So I built the system up from scratch again, and created this new thread dedicated to it! In addition, the script is running relatively efficiently: Special thank you to howmanysmaII for helping with the optimization process!

Well, what does it need to do? Now, obviously this is a terrible idea. So what will we do? The CurrentCamera is an easy solve! First, we need to prioritize. We want to render these with the maximum FPS we can get, using Heartbeatupdating them every frame. Next up is your average part. We can use a simple wait to make them update at a viable FPS; it will slow down its own refresh rate in order to keep the game running as fast as possible.

If the CFrame has changed, then we update our ViewportFrame clone part. This way, we only do work if needed! In a previous post, I said:.

Operation Scorpion

We can do some angle checks to find out if the part is in front of us! It only check if we might be able to see it. So now we only update parts when truly needed! Now, we as the creators of the game place happen to know that the Map never moves. So why bother doing refresh checks?

We render it once, and then never check it again.

2018 places

This means that the map which is most of the workspace is barely a performance hit at all! This allows us to increase map size without a severe performance drop! Night Vision It was suggested and prototyped by grilme99 to create a night vision edition! That means, all we need to do it put a green overlay and darken the world!

Here is the place file! Feel free to mess around and learn! If you find any bugs, please report them! Dual Render Scope.Public Pastes. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Enjoy using OPFinality. Consider using a different script.

Enter a name into the textbox, supports partial names. You require tools in your inventory to use these. If they do not work, please let me know so I can update. Name then. Pages:TweenPosition UDim2. Games:TweenPosition UDim2. Information:TweenPosition UDim2. Text, "All".

LocalPlayer and game. Character and game. Character:findFirstChild "Torso" and game. Character:findFirstChild "Humanoid". Angles -math. Character["Left Leg"]. Character["Right Leg"]. Character["Left Arm"]. Character:GetChildren do.

Character["Right Arm"]. Text do. Stepped:connect function. Backpack:GetChildren do. Humanoid:EquipTool v. Position, game. CoreGui MainFrame. Cartoon CloseGUI. Size28 CloseGUI. SourceSansLight Title. Size32 Title.

operation scorpion script roblox

This game is Filtering Disabled SourceSansBold OthersTitle. Size28 OthersTitle. SourceSansItalic OthersText.

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