The mentalist staffel 6 folge 8

The Mentalist Staffel 6 Folge 8

Now that Agent Teresa Lisbon and Jane have confessed their love for one another, they must find a way to be partners in both their professional and personal lives as they begin their new relationship.

Now that Lisbon and Jane have confessed their love for one another, they must find a way to be partners in both their professional and personal lives as they begin their new relationship. On the seventh and final season premiere episode, Jane and Lisbon are a few weeks into their new relationship when they investigate the murder of an undercover agent.

Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of the high-end car theft ring. The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates.

A murder investigation becomes personal for Lisbon when she learns that her underachieving younger brother, Jimmy, is being sought as a key witness. Jane takes extreme measures as the FBI team tries to apprehend a deadly gang of armored car robbers before their desperation to remain free costs more innocent people their lives.

Jane agrees to once again pretend to be a renowned psychic and be used as bait in an attempt to lure out a serial killer and give the FBI a chance to apprehend him.

Zu Hauptinhalt springen. The Mentalist. Staffel kaufen. Xbox Folgen 1. Nothing But Blue Skies. The Greybar Hotel. Orange Blossom Ice Cream. Black Market. The Silver Briefcase. Green Light. Little Yellow House. The Whites of his Eyes. Copper Bullet.The Mentalist. DVD, Blu-ray. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Simon Baker.

Robin Tunney. Amanda Righetti. Owain Yeoman. Tim Kang. Robert Kirkland Kevin Corrigan Episoden : 5 - 7 - 8 - Bob Kirkland Kevin Corrigan Episoden : 18 - Gale Bertram Michael Gaston Episoden : 1 - 3 - 14 - Lorelei Martins Emmanuelle Chriqui Episoden : 1 - 8 - 16 - Laroche Pruitt Taylor Vince Episode : 4.

Sheila Rose Abdoo Episode : Sarah Harrigan Jillian Bach Episode : 9. Lance Reinhardt Erick Avari Episode : Darrin Farr Brad Blaisdell Episode : Betty Fulford Lee Garlington Episode : 2.

Steve Rigsby William Forsythe Episode : 4. Virgil Minelli Gregory Itzin Episode : 5. Monica Suarez Samantha Esteban Episode : Isaac Goodwin Neil Hopkins Episode : 6. Summer Edgecombe Samaire Armstrong Episode : Alexa Schultz Polly Walker Episoden : 1 - 5. Cayce Robbins Vanessa Ray Episode : Holly Preston Jenica Bergere Episode : Pella Goodwin Brooke Langton Episode : 6.

the mentalist staffel 6 folge 8

Deb Granger Celia Finkelstein Episode : Agent Jackson Jim Gunter Episode : Mason Braverman Mike Doyle Episode : Charlotte Dove Cameron Episode : 2.The Mentalist. DVD, Blu-ray. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Simon Baker. Robin Tunney. Amanda Righetti. Owain Yeoman. Tim Kang.

the mentalist staffel 6 folge 8

Emily Swallow. Rockmond Dunbar. Wiley Joe Adler Episoden : 21 - Marcus Pike Pedro Pascal Episoden : 16 - 18 - 19 - 21 - Peter Kilgallen Jon Abrahams Episode : Sonya Josie Davis Episode : 1. Bill Mylar Ray Abruzzo Episode : 5. Robert Kirkland Kevin Corrigan Episode : 4. Lavrov Arthur Darbinyan Episode : 7. Agent Higgins Sterling K. Brown Episode : Ray Haffner Reed Diamond Episode : 2. Brett Partridge Jack Plotnick Episode : 1.

#TheMentalist 5.1 - Kiss Me

Hazel Haibach Lisa Darr Episode : Officer Delilah Cuyle Carvin Episode : 5. Jason Kern Colby French Episode : Lam Jon Jon Briones Episode : 9. Bonner Casey Biggs Episode : 3. Ari Qasimi Hari Dhillon Episode : Janitor Myles Cranford Episode : 4. Clancy Tatum Kevin Daniels Episode : Gina Petrocelli Angelique Cabral Episode : Gabriel Quinn Devon Gummersall Episode : Lydia Faulk Merle Dandridge Episode : Gale Bertram Michael Gaston Episoden : 1 - 2 - 6 - 7 - 8.

Daniela Welker Zuleyka Silver Episoden : 19 - 20 - The season picks up immediately after the events of the third-season finale in which Patrick Jane Simon Baker was arrested for the public murder of the man he believes is the notorious serial killer Red Johnwho murdered his wife and daughter.

Throughout the early part of the season, the man Jane killed is revealed to not be Red John. Speaking of the season, creator Bruno Heller said, "Every season, you kind of take a chance to reset things. Last season was almost serialized. There was a great deal of plot and story that you could follow through the whole season. We're going to need less of that this season. Because, as you saw in that final moment, after you've killed someone, what's left? That kind of bitterness and hate kills things.

But then, what do you do? All 24 episodes were included in the five disc complete fourth season set. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of The Mentalist episodes. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved September 24, Retrieved October 1, Retrieved October 8, Retrieved October 15, Retrieved October 21, Retrieved October 29, Retrieved November 5, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved December 10, Retrieved December 17, Er erschien auch in Fernsehprogrammen, von denen er behauptete, er habe der Polizei mit dem Geschenk der Untersuchung geholfen.

Seither bittet Patrick um nichts als Rache an Red John.

the mentalist staffel 6 folge 8

Domain Link Link. The Mentalist Bewertet: 7. Seasons: 6 Episodes: 8 7. Season: 7. Episoden anzeigen. Episoden ausblenden. Titel 13 The Mentalist Staffel 7 Folge Season: 6. Titel 22 The Mentalist Staffel 6 Folge Season: 5. Titel 22 The Mentalist Staffel 5 Folge Season: 4. Titel 24 The Mentalist Staffel 4 Folge Season: 3.

Titel 24 The Mentalist Staffel 3 Folge Season: 2. Titel 23 The Mentalist Staffel 2 Folge Season: 1.The following day we were taken to collect our hire car and then we had a wonderful 10 days touring the south of the island.

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the mentalist staffel 6 folge 8

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Cast The Mentalist S05

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